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  • 1. medicine/injection
    to prevent capsular contracture

    We prescribe a capsular contracture prevention
    drug against the encapsulation reaction from
    about 1 week after surgery to 3 months in general
    to prevent capsular contracture.

  • 2. Healite skin recovery management

    It alleviates three symptoms: swelling,
    bruising, and pain, and it promotes skin elasticity
    by producing collagen and elastin.
    It improves skin regeneration by promoting
    micro blood circulation.

  • 3. Intensive breast care
    with Capsulitis

    Capsulitis is the only breast management device
    that promotes micro blood circulation and gently
    stabilizes hardened tissue following surgery.
    It is effective in alleviating three symptoms:
    swelling, bruising, and pain, as well as improving
    the inflammatory response and preventing
    capsular contracture.

  • 4. Breast skin care
    with RF high frequency

    It reduces swelling by increasing blood and lymph
    circulation. It is effective at reducing
    inflammation and increasing the elasticity
    of breast skin.

  • 5. Scar injection
    to treat scars

    It improves pigmentation, hypertrophic scars,
    and the surface of the incision suture line
    by treating the scar at the incision site
    while taking the skin condition into account.

  • 6. Breast shape control
    with shapewear

    Wearing shapewear after surgery prevents
    implant movement and sagging of the breasts
    while also stabilizing the shape.

  • 7. Using routine ultrasound exams
    to treat problematic symptoms

    Even when the implant is damaged,
    abnormalities are difficult to detect because
    there are no abnormal signs such as pain.
    Melon employs cutting-edge ultrasonic technology
    to determine the condition of the implant,
    such as its location and whether it is ruptured
    or folded, and detects microscopic
    implant abnormalities.

  • 8. Swelling Control Using
    Anti-Swelling Medication

    Swelling prescription medication aids
    in the relief of swelling following surgery.

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